Since starting my life coaching business, I have helped my clients discover effective approaches in dealing with the challenges in their lives. Read on to learn what some of my clients have to say about their experience with my life coaching services, and contact me today to schedule your own session.


TRULY………..Where do I begin??? To say AMAZING!!!! Just doesn’t touch how I feel, or what I want to say, or the gratitude I want to express to Clint 🙏 ❤️
I was (thankfully) put in touch with Clint by my beautiful friend who has also been blessed with/by his help and genuine care; Since ever I can remember, I have received what I was told was “therapy”, “counselling”, “support”, over a number of years…….YET!!!!! I remained “damaged”, and in great need of TRUE help and support……The “plaster-approach” was no longer working, and to say I’d lost my spark, had become a massive under-statement!!!!! In a nutshell, I had no life, and had cut myself off from almost everyone I knew!!! And then, if things weren’t bad enough, I lost my Beautiful Guardian Angel Friend to cancer suddenly in July – within 13 days of diagnosis…….It was the last straw!!!!!! I turned to alcohol, which just added to all my other growing-issues!!!! And now – my son was also in a dark place, coz we shared that same Beautiful Guardian Angel Friend……We were, truly, in grave need of intervention!! And this came with our introduction to Clint 🙏
The day we met Clint was one of THE BEST DAYS of both our lives – I am not joking, not in the least!!!!! Without sounding “glib”, Clint has truly saved us both with his GENUINE care and ability to TRULY coach – something I have searched for all my life – despite my 23 yr old son’s, in addition!!! Clint has, and continues to educate us, teach us, give us tools to enable us to understand our issues, to control them, and mend from them!! He is honestly, sincerely, genuinely the absolute real-deal; he is an incredible COACH!!
All this he manages without judgement or condescension; I know this is something which most of are scared about when we look for help – and often stops us from getting it!!!!
I feel incredibly privileged to have him in my life, as does my son!!
Not only is he the real-deal, he manages to make it fun, and we laugh, even when adversity has loomed for so very long 😊. My son and I can honestly say we truly look forward to our coaching sessions with Clint; we are blessed 👍
If you need someone to light your way, Clint is your man…..I PROMISE!!

Dawn Davies



Worth every penny! If you need to a person to help you in life and understand how to help you then Clint is the guy for the job. His very easy simple techniques are a game changer. Forever grateful.


Entrepreneur & investor

When I hear the word counselling, coaching and therapy it all sounds a little overwhelming. However i must say Clint has been an exceptional positive influence on my journey. I’ve been on this journey with Clint for a couple of months now and ongoing. He doesn’t tell me what i want to hear nor what i should do but gives me the tools to gain understanding of my thought processes and how i could intercept change, looking at behavioural patterns and choosing the right path to gain true positive results. His work is truly amazing. Clint listens intently and has a great level of knowledge/understanding. The most important thing that I’ve gained from this experience is the positive changes that I’m seeing within myself daily; and progressively growing without depending on Clint, which Clint allows total independence, but also there if needed. I would 110% vouch for Clint and his services and would say don’t be afraid of embarking on a journey to improve your quality of life. Everyone should have a coach/counsellor/therapist, very much needed today. Stepping forward is definitely a power move and I’m truly grateful for the helping hand Clint has given. Many, many thanks.


Chevontae Brown


I engaged with Clint to combat a 20 year cocaine addiction.
Through a series of one to one discussions and paperwork exercises I have finally arrested my horrific addiction to substances and alcohol.
Both my wife and myself had joint sessions with Clint to try and salvage what I had destroyed,these worked exceptionally well.
Clint is far the best councillor I have ever engaged with,and I’ve had many.I now have my life back on track,the family are happy and life gets better day by day thanks to Clint.An excellent service and I can highly recommend Clint (Steppingfwd with Helping hand) to anyone with substance and Alcohol addictions.


Systems Engineer

life coaching

I found clint via the web with some personal family issues, Clint is a very easy person to talk to and always in on hand to give informative advice………if you need someone just to offload your daily stresses or a more in depth conversation Clint is the guy you need to call
We now use Clint within our offices at DJW on a monthly basis to help with our staff health program
The helping hands everyone needs from time to time
Would recommend without any hesitation give him a try

Justine Webb

Business owner

life coaching

I have seen Clint in both group sessions and one to one sessions and I honestly couldn’t fault him in neither.

In a group session he has the ability to put everyone at ease, make everyone feel comfortable and make sure that everyone is equally taking part and benefitting from the session regardless of the different personalities.

In a one to one session again he makes you instantly feel comfortable and at ease. He ensures that the particular thing you are discussing is fully explored and no details are left out and will push you to find coping mechanisms. This has the potential to make you feel uncomfortable but with Clint that has never been the case.

I would highly recommend Clint for anything personal you may be struggling with or need help with or for general life coaching as he has taught me some excellent strategies to use both in work and in life.


Deputy ceo & specialist electriacal engineer

life coaching

Speaking with Clint has helped me in so many ways, when I have struggles and problems he helps me to find solutions but when I have good things going on he shows me how I can escalate them good things further to even better.
Clint’s a great listener and when you leave the room you instantly feel like weight has lifted from your shoulders and if was in a negative mindset going in there I always walk out of there with a positive one. He’s also got such a great personality and makes you feel very comfortable when speaking to him.



life coaching, addiction therapy, cbt

I wish to write a review for my life coach/councillor Clint as He has been a great support throughout my maintaining sobriety.

I’ve been seeing Clint for the past 2 months for drug/alcohol counselling

We work on life coaching to build my confidence etc.
He gives great advice and has a comforting warm and outgoing character with great sense of humour .
I find his advice is extremely helpful.
I feel at ease in our sessions and I am able to open up about anything and always leave the session feeling a lot lighter with a weight lifted off my shoulders.

He has helped immensely with my coping strategies along with building my confidence.

He has totally improved my perspective on many things in my life .

I would highly recommend Clint.

Samantha Pike


life coaching, addiction therapy, cbt

Clint coached me through some of my toughest personal challenges in my
Life, he is an exceptional listener, always providing perspective with the ability to look at things in more than one dimension. He has helped guide me whilst enabling me with the tools to make the decisions and choices that I want to make and be accountable for. Since my time with Clint, I am more secure, confident in myself, my ability and what value I bring in many areas of my life. I will continue to work with Clint to challenge myself, develop and grow as an individual.

Thanks Clint for the patience and continued support.

Daniel Williams

Logistics Project Engineer


I called upon Clint for his services to help my partner and I work better on our communication. With the pressures of supporting a family of 6 and trying to keep 4 businesses afloat over the last 2 years during Covid, naturally this had taken a toll on our relationship and we had lost that spark, just constantly chasing our tails and trying to survive. Clint was able to help us, me in particular, express myself, my thoughts and feelings in a safe space without being judged and helped us relieve our emotional stress and stop the arguments. I would highly recommend Clint for any couple needing help to hit the reset button and get back to who you really are, and who you want to be in your relationship for a healthy outcome for the whole family,


Business Owner

life coaching, addiction therapy, cbt

Clint has been nothing short of a miracle with the work he has done with me. He’s very professional but also very caring, understanding and supportive. I really took on board Clint’s advise and use the tools that he has suggested daily, which are excellent and so helpful. I will be using him again in the future and look forward to doing so. Thank you again so much Clint,

Ed Baker

Agriculture & Distribution Manager


Clint was very kindly and listened to me. He helped me break my own self help methods (which didn’t really work) and showed me that I can overcome the addictive behaviour by understanding triggers, and filling that time with other activities. The strangest thing about it all was after a few months it just suddenly clicked in to place, I almost didn’t realise how I’d stopped. Lockdown was tough and it reignited some very bad habits but with clints fortnightly help i overcame them and have some new skills which I use whenever I’m tempted.


Project Account Manager

addiction therapy,

Clint picked me up when I was at my worst and thought there was only one way out. Through his understanding and active listening he helped me out of a mental hole and showed me a different path. Best thing I can say is YES I RECOMMEND.

Alex Reeves

security Manager

life coaching, addiction therapy, cbt

I discovered Clint in a point in my life where i was kind of lost and stuck. We clicked straight away, i felt finally understood and in a genuine sympathetic way that i haven’t felt with other kind of therapies methods,and i have tried few.
We worked for few months and eventually he helped me to overcome some of my fears. Very nice and caring person, he was also checking on me from time to time. And i think this is an extra touch very much appreciated. This is that extra mile that makes the difference. Thank you very much Clint!!


Photographer & waitress

life coaching
Light in the darkest of places

This was my first experience in working with stepping forward and was the most uplifting and eye opening experience Ive ever had. This was a challenging time in my life and with the help of Clint and his understanding and support all thru my sessions I was able to pull through and get back my normal and everyday life which I had completely swayed from.
I would personally like to thank Clint for just listening and giving me the tools to do what I need to do in everyday tasks and would recommend him to anyone with life problems.
My whole experience was calming and was always looking forward to my session every week as it made me feel very positive each time and could feel myself getting back to the old me.
I’m still very positive and I feel there is no going back for me. If in doubt I’d ask for Clint 👍🏾👍🏾

Jai Williams

Construction Supervisor

life coaching, relationship coaching

Clint is a very good listener, he takes a structural approach to the sessions. He helped me see clarity through scenarios, offered a variety of solutions to my problems. Clint is someone I can count on for advise, and trust his intuition and he is very experienced in all aspects of life ranging from career to relationship coaching. I will highly recommend Clint and I am thankful that I got to speak with him and I can always rely on the support he offers.


Accounts Manager

life coaching, addiction therapy, cbt

Clint is a friendly and easy going guy. It was like talking to a friend but he was a thorough professional and kept things simple.

He has helped me to tackle a couple of anxiety issues (with his input, explanations and ideas) I was able to view from another angle. I have the tools to work on these and since have seen some improvements, which I will continue to work on.

Thank you.


IT Project manager at A.F.C

life coaching, relationship coaching

I had a couple sessions with Clint at a time when my life was becoming unmanageable via external sources. I was unable to think clearly and had lost all hope. Clint helped me to organise my thoughts through one to one discussions. He helped me to re-evaluate what was important to me and whether I was willing to make some sacrifices to achieve a happier life. My life has now been turned around and in a far happier place. I know that Clint is only a phone call away if needed.

Mrs T

Corporate accountant

life coaching, addiction therapy, cbt

Clint has been a very positive influence to me since day one. He’s always been graciously flexible with our sessions and exercised amazing patience when dealing with my poor organisational skills!

I’m sure dealing with an autistic client can present it’s own set of challenges. Whether I’m losing my notepads or having to reschedule at short notice, Clint has always been kind and forgiving. A truly down to earth guy.


Customer Service Assistant

life coaching, addiction therapy, cbt

It was only by chance that I meet Clint but it was a meant to be, he is kind and very professional, I was in a place with no hope and he advised me to look at the bigger picture and it worked, I would like to say I appreciate everything he has done and Definitely recommend his services to others. Thank you so much Clint for all your help and support, Lisa.


Mental health assistant

It was calm, direct, friendly, dedicated, helpful, instructive, honest & open: a real “friend” to listen & learn from. Totally recommendable, and willingly approach again if needed. Definitely 5✨💯%👏🤝👍🤗

Gordon Bond

Post Operator

life coaching

The best life coach
A year ago I got in touch with Clint as I was struggling with all aspects of life and didn’t know where to turn.
The first thing I realised was that he was a good listener rather than concentrating on the session time which I have experienced with other therapists before. Talking to him is like just talking to a friend but with a lot of experience someone who you feel is always there to help out in any situation. Nothing is too embarrassing to talk about and even when you struggle to explain how your feeling or what’s going on he manages to get to the bottom of it. I look forward to our sessions and feel at ease, I always come away feeling better and more positive about my life with a target or at a least a plan of how to move forward. I still have a long way to go and still have loads to learn but every session I learn a new tool or at least understand how to use it and put it to practice in my life. Sometimes going over ones he has already taught me, but he is very patient. I have learnt just to be honest it goes a long way with someone who wants to help you.
I’m happy i finally found a life coach like Clint. Thank you

Laura G

HMP Worker

life coaching, addiction therapy, cbt

Clint Really helped me through some difficult times, he was brilliant and told me what I needed to hear. Would recommend him to anyone, he is a top bloke.


Service Administrator

I have just completed 6 sessions, each one a building block on what we discussed from the week before with the introduction of simple tools which I have found very useful.


Construction Manager

It was a pleasure and very good with getting me to the position I am in now

Braden Wren


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