life coaching, addiction therapy, cbt

What are the benefits of life coaching?

The benefits of life coaching can be absolutely life changing for you. Working with the right life coach will be an experience you will never forget. They will guide and take you through a transformational process that will give you the confidence to go forward and live the life you envisage. They will hold you accountable to take the actions that have been agreed, even when it means taking you out of your comfort zone. They will encourage and help you to become comfortable with the uncomfortable, to the point where you welcome the challenge of what you previously feared. They will help you to confront the mental blocks that are currently holding you back from thriving in the areas of your life that you currently feel challenged by and not equipped to appropriately deal with. Your self-awareness will be heightened, and your personal boundaries identified and reinforced. Your assurance about who you are and what you want will become clearer. Your motivation will be increased and your inspiration brought to life. You will walk away as a stronger, happier person, with a new perspective on many things, ready to make the changes that you want.  

I can’t promise that you will get this from working with any life coach, but this is what you can expect when you work me.

The relationship between you and your life coach plays a vital role in your learning, understanding and most importantly your potential success. You can choose from many life coaches to work with, and just hope for the best. Or you could choose me, a trusted life coach that many others have chosen, and get similar results to what they have achieved.

life coaching, addiction therapy, cbt
life coaching, addiction therapy, cbt

Life coaching can help with




Relationship issues

Lack of direction

Low motivation



Low confidence

Low self esteem  

Poor communication

Poor habits



Feeling overworked and undervalued



And more

If you’re experiencing any of the above then Steppingfwd with Helping Hand is the Life Coaching service you need to engage  with. Get in touch now so we can start changing what your tomorrow will look like.

If your ready for change, then i'm ready to help

You didn’t find me by coincidence, you found me because you want a coach that will get you results. Book a free 15 minute no obligation consultation, and lets see how we can get your new life started today.



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life coaching, addiction therapy, cbt