Addiction Therapy

Work with an expert to receive Addiction Therapy (in London & the UK)

Addiction therapy is designed to treat various forms of addictions. It is used to balance the psychological mind state that becomes engrossed with addictive behaviours. If you are suffering from addiction and need addiction therapy, you are in the right place!

Here at SteppingFwd with Helping Hand. We believe that everyone has a right to be happy and healthy in their life. Our main therapist Clint has worked in the addiction field for more seventeen years and has a wealth of experience. He encourages, motivates and equips people to live a healthy and addiction free life.

There are various reasons for addiction, working with us you will learn how to free yourself from it all.

Most people keep their addictions secret, but as time passes it becomes more apparent to the people around them. It can be tough trying to break free from addiction, but it will become easier for you when you work with Clint (based in London/Essex) who is an expert in his field.

If you feel that you are suffering from addiction, then we can help you. We also offer therapeutic support to those who need it.

The consequences of addiction can be painful, if you want to be free from the pain, then come and talk with us. We will help you to create positive changes in your life and claim your power back.

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How our expert therapist can help you

Addiction therapy consists of providing you with practical tools and strategies to help you successfully overcome and conquer your addiction. We provide various strategies including CBT that helps people to understand their addiction and effectively eliminate it. We have an expert addiction therapist who understands the cycle of addiction and will give you the solution to it. We help clients to become active during the therapeutic process and gain better insight to their own addiction so they can better address it.

Each of us have many roles in our lives that include personal, professional, and social. To be successful in all these areas of your life you need a balanced mind. Successful therapy can take time, which will require patience and commitment. If you want to be free from addiction and live the life you deserve then contact us today!


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life coaching, addiction therapy, cbt